премиум класс триумф
premium class triumph



Guests are invited to the performance via invite-only fb event. The description of the event contains truth, evident lies and exaggerated facts about the future event and how the gallery space will be organized during the performance.


Guests gather in the gallery and enjoy welcome drinks. The space is poorly lit. A couple of prints are hanging on the wall; the screen with projection is put up against the column. All formal requirements of an art opening are fulfilled. The guard is securing the downward staircase to the ground floor.


45 mins passes. Heavy pulsating trance music bass line (no mid & high frequency) starts to play from the ground floor. It goes on for a few minutes. The lighting goes full on and the guard steps away from the downward staircase. Guests start to go downstairs.


At the ground floor guests see another large group of people that is surrounding a stage with an artist on it. The guests are not able to get close to the artist because of this other group of hired people (extras). Music starts to play. The artist fakes singing. 15 minutes passes. The music stops and the artist and the hired group of people go upstairs and leave the gallery.

hand drawn welcome banner at the gallery entrance

a guard securing the downward staircase

a set of short post-fidelity songs at the underground floor, surrounded by the extras (performers) and the invited guests

video projection at the event

reviews & event report in russian language
for people who speak russian